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The first paragraph should be short and reflect the purpose of the letter – request, complaint, proposal, etc.

The middle paragraphs contain information explaining the purpose of the letter. It is customary to write business letters in English briefly, therefore try to state the facts with restraint and in essence, avoiding unnecessary details.

The last paragraph should indicate what actions you expect from the recipient – return money for the product, provide information, etc.

Rules for writing a business letter in English

Business writing style

In business writing, it is important to use the correct style and tone of the language. Therefore, it is worth avoiding:

colloquial expressions, slang, and jargon

abbreviations (I’m; it’s; don’t, etc., use full forms)

emotionally painted words – terrible (terrible), rubbish (nonsense), etc.

Always keep a polite and respectful tone, even if you write a complaint or complaint. In English, the modal verbs of would, could and should be often used to make an official speech. For example, instead of “Please send me …” (“Please send me …”) you can write: “I would be grateful if you could send me …” (“I would be grateful if you-you could send me … “).

Try not to use phrasal verbs (they are more typical for conversational style). Instead of going on (continue) it is better to write continue, instead of turn down (refuse, reject) – decline or refuse.

Avoid bulky constructs and words that you are not sure of. Try to write in clear phrases that do not allow double interpretation.

English spelling presents many difficulties not only for language learners but also for native speakers. For many historical reasons, it is sometimes difficult to find a relationship between spelling English words and pronunciation. As a result, the spelling of this language sometimes seems completely illogical. However, this is not a reason to make mistakes!

Writing an essay is in its own way an effective method for assessing a student’s abilities: unlike standard tests, stating one’s own thoughts on paper gives a person a chance to unleash his inner potential, to demonstrate individuality and non-standard outlook. In Western countries, an essay is a popular type of prose, and not only in the educational environment.