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The ability to write an essay implies a fairly high level of knowledge of the language. And few possess this art. We will give you some very useful tips on writing an essay or essay in English, which will be useful to you more than once in life.


Each paragraph usually covers one aspect of the main idea. Two paragraphs may relate to different aspects, but be interrelated – for example, cause and effect, positive and negative sides, state of affairs before or after.

Sometimes the first sentence of a paragraph is introductory, that is, explaining what it will be about.


The logical transition from one paragraph to another sometimes causes the author serious difficulties. To keep the text connected, it is necessary to direct the reader, give him signals. This can help introductory and connecting words that perform various functions. For example:

  • opposition: but, however, on the other hand, yet;
  • example: for example, that is;
  • supplement: similarly, moreover, furthermore, in addition;
  • conclusion: therefore, consequently, as a result, thus;
  • enumeration: then, after that, ul.

Quotes and links

When you quote a book or other written source, or transfer information in your own words, you must specify the author’s name and publication date. You can do this as follows:

According to Smith (1998), it is not impossible to write. (“According to Smith (1998), writing a good essay is sometimes difficult, but certainly possible.”)


Writing a good idea is impossible (Smith 1998). (“Writing a good essay is sometimes difficult, but certainly possible (Smith 1998).”)

Do not abuse complex words and expressions, but avoid slang and abbreviations. In general, try to write with short simple sentences, sometimes diluting them with longer ones. The goal is to set forth the essence clearly, so that the reader can easily follow the train of thought and not be distracted by extraneous arguments (also read about the styles in English in our article).